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The Purpose

The next generation of Community Makers

We are creators of human, authentic, sustainable, young and positive everlasting experiences that ultimately create value for our clients. We design and build people-focused neighborhoods and genuine experiences that celebrate and stimulate connections amongst the community and nature. We ultimately masterplan and design for these values.


We are believers in the younger generations, those who are the future trends’ setters and leaders; we are inspired by their everyday life, and so we masterplan our destinations to cater to their demands. We don't just build homes, we study details of your experience and engineer unique environments that naturally grow communities.


We are not just about real estate development, we are all about People, taking living experiences to a much higher level where people aspire to be more themselves, live authentically, and become the best they can be. We don’t offer just a home, we study life, embrace nature, craft lifestyles, and give back a unique community that is exclusively for you, whilst remaining true to our standards of excellence.

Sustainably Focused

We believe in practical sustainability, our homes will be part of creating a better environmental future for our children and cost less to run. Our projects will enrich the local communities and fulfill the lives of our guests. We will integrate this principle in how we design, build and service our guests. We believe luxury and is about generosity. We believe we are in the JOY OF LIVING business and we know that positive human connections create JOY.

Who we are

People & Places is founded by Khaled El Assal, Mohamed Khaled El Assal, Karim Khaled El Assal, and Nabil Amasha. The founders have been leaders of the real estate industry, have designed, developed, and delivered superb mixed use masterplans and communities in Egypt.

Our community
White Sands
the med.png


the med. is not just your home by the Mediterranean (North Coast), this is a destination that lives within you, a place that is crafted to elevate the quality of your living experience. Inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean sensation , at this unique destination, you will find authentic lifestyle, promoting wellbeing, sustainability and maximized luxury with minimalistic Mediterranean architecture and elevations that give a mesmerizing sea views and tranquil vibes.


Your home at the med. is strategically located in the new heart of the North Coast, and just at the forefront of the main roads from Cairo and proximity to the area’s airports to give you the optimum convenience whether you choose to drive or fly.

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Hills of One is a story unfolding in the West of Cairo. A visionary landscape meticulously crafted with an unwavering focus on design. At Hills of One, the skyline is adorned by one-storey homes, each an architectural marvel, offering you a refined living experience.

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Hills of One is prestigiously located in New Zayed, the new and upcoming destination of West Cairo; right across Sphinx International Airport. Easy accessibility from and to the Rod el Farag Axis, the Cairo-Alex Desert Road and the 26th of July Corridor.

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